Facebook Business Manager, How to Set Up correctly

Facebook Business Manager is the place where all the important business tools on Facebook live. It is also where you manage all your Facebook marketing activities. If your company uses Facebook, you definitely ought to be utilizing Facebook Business Manager as its manager. It s a key tool which keeps your Facebook business resources centralized, secure, and well organized. And, it also assists in accomplishing tasks associated with your Facebook marketing programs, such as advertising campaigns. But before you can use this application, you have to become a Facebook Business Manager first.

After that, go to the Facebook home page, click on the top right “gear” icon then “add ons”. The add ons option is where you will find the Facebook business manager and click on it. Then, after the add on is installed, navigate to the section where you will set up your group.

One option you have is to create a personal profile or create your company profile. In the personal profile, make sure that you tick the box for adding new partners. When you have completed creating the profile, then you need to create a group. To do so, click on the group icon on the top right of the facebook business manager then click on “create new group.”

From the group window, you will then see two tabs. Under the tab “Advertising Manager”, click on “New” and choose “Advertising” in the menu. A pop up window will appear and a word document containing the following information will be automatically generated: Name of the Group, Type of group, Description of the group, Email Address, Type of invitation, etc. This is one of the simplest steps you will have to take when using the Facebook business manager.

After you have completed this step, navigate to “dashboard” and click on the gear icon. Now, click on the drop down menu for “accounts”, then enter your company’s email address. One of the simple steps you will need to take when you are using the Facebook manager is to sign-in with your Hootsuite username and password, as well as verify your Facebook account. These are just a couple of things that you will be doing when you are setting up your Facebook account.

Once you have signed in, you will see a screen prompting you to select an ad format for your advertisement. There are two formats available to you: PPC and banner. You can also select “none” if you do not want to use either one. Since these are advertisements that you will be paying for with your own money, it makes sense to go with one of the two formats that offer you more control.

The next step is to click on “Advertising Manager”, which takes you to the Ad Manager page. Under the heading of ” Partners”, scroll down to where it says “Search All” and click the search button. In the search box, type in “hootsuite” and then hit the enter key. A list of all the current and past Hootsuite partners should appear. You should now see a folder containing folders that contain all of the different ad formats your company has used, including text ads and image ads.

Under ” Text Ads”, scroll down to where it says “Google AdWords”, then hit the + sign and insert a “+1” symbol. Click “Add Account”, then “Submit”. The Facebook Business Manager will ask you to complete a short form, so go ahead and fill it out. Save it and when it’s done, click on “Settings” and change your application settings, then click “OK”. Your Facebook business page should be up and running, with all your text ads matching your current brand color scheme.

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