What to Expect From Your Car Accident Attorney

When you or someone you love gets into a car accident, you need the help of a car accident attorney. He or she will take care of everything for you from the investigation to the legal proceedings. But what do you really need a car accident attorney for? Well, there are several things you can get from one. Here are some of them:

You can expect your car accident lawyer to investigate thoroughly interview any witnesses that can help. Remember, they know how you feel and what happened so they will be as objective as possible. In addition, your attorney will ask questions about the conditions of the road, the weather conditions and other factors that may have influenced the accident. This is all so that they can properly represent you in court.

Next, you can expect your car accident attorney to gather all the evidence he needs. This includes the dashboard recording that could capture audio and video testimony of the accident, the crash report and any photographs or witness accounts. Your attorney will also review any police reports or hospital records that may exist. He will also talk to insurance adjusters, whoever paid for your medical bills, and any witnesses that were present at the scene. Everything he finds will be used to defend you.

Your attorney will know what to ask and what not to ask when speaking with the police officers that attended the accident. For instance, if you were driving northbound on Girvin Road at approximately nine o’clock in the evening, the officer who pulled you over should have asked you: were you drinking? If you answered yes, you should have told your lawyer that you weren’t. Additionally, if you were driving southbound on Girvin Road at approximately 9:40 p.m., your lawyer should have asked for permission to take photographs of the accident scene.

When speaking with the insurance adjuster, your car accident attorney will want to know if there was any way your car could possibly have been altered prior to the accident. He will want to know if there were any illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages or other substances in your system at the time of the accident. He will also want to know what prescription medications you took, and if any of these medications could have altered your ability to operate a vehicle. If there is something found that could call for an accident investigation, your car accident lawyer will need to arrange for this.

If you were injured in an accident, you may expect your car accident lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle. This is generally done if the other driver was responsible for causing a direct injury to you. A personal injury lawsuit will force the driver to pay medical expenses and any other losses you have suffered because of their negligence.

Your accident lawyer may also work on your behalf to settle a claim against the driver of another vehicle that caused the accident in the first place. This can occur if you were driving along Girvin Road when the accident occurred. The reason is that the person who hit you was not paying attention. Because of this, you are owed compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as for any medical costs you incurred as a result of the accident. To ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation possible, you should consult with a Fort Myers car accident attorney.

No matter what kind of accident you have suffered from, if you do not hire an accident lawyer, you could find yourself out of pocket and without any financial compensation. If you have suffered serious injuries, you should immediately contact your accident attorney. He or she will help you figure out what kind of accident claim you have a greater chance of winning.

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